1. Low-quality Blog or Article catalogue accommodation sites:

For the most part, low-quality sites are known for pulling down the positioning of your site. On the off chance that a specific site contains unimportant or copy the content, at that point it has awful notoriety in internet searcher’s eye. It’s in every case better to abstain from distributing low-quality substance including visitor posting.

2. Deep Link exchange:

There are sure pursue interfaces that will function admirably for your site. On the off chance that in the event that your backlink profile contains trades from nasty sites, at that point it can make issues. This will demonstrate that you are in a threat zone in Google’s eyes. It’s smarter to avoid such sorts of proportional connects to maintain a strategic distance from punishment.

3. Spam web 2.0 properties:

A great many people do web 2.0 entries as they can without much of a stretch post online journals, remarks, audits, and so forth with the web 2.0 properties, however after the new update, these properties can be answerable for forcing a high punishment.

4. Paid connections that pass Link Juice:

Connection juice is a term that alludes to possession went starting with one page or site then onto the next. Furthermore, this procedure is taken out with the assistance of hyperlinks. A large portion of the web indexes thinks about the connection as votes and a route for advancing their site. In the event that you are purchasing joins, at that point ensure you utilize the rel=”sponsored” tag to keep away from punishment.

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