How Digital marketing Work

1.     You can earn money from blogging

No matter which group you’re in, making money with a blog – whether it’s a hobby blog or a business blog –is possible. It’s not a get rich quick ordeal, but if you do it right, you could make enough to support your family and more. Let’s dive in and see Why start with a blog and how you can make a profit with your blog.

  • You can sell Private ads 
  • Include Affiliate Links in Your Content
  • Sell Digital Products
  • You can work as a freelancer
  • Use it as a Content Marketing Tool for Your Business
  • Sell Memberships
  • Use it to Build Your Credibility

2.     Blogging is Easy

Anyone can learn how to do it with ease. Setting up a site only takes minutes nowadays.

But there’s a big difference between good bloggers and bad bloggers.

As a solo blogger, you’re a person of many talents:

  • You need to write content, create videos, or make podcasts.
  • You need to market all of that content and create a brand image.
  • You need to interact with your audience.
  • You need to manage the technical aspects of your site: performance, load speed, bandwidth, etc.
  • You need to design a website that’s both functional and beautiful.

3.     Google Loves Blogs

  • Blogs are often full of keywords and phrases that you or your business want to rank highly for in internet searches.
  • Readers want frequently updated and well-written content, and so does Google. Blogging is the perfect way to gain interest for all the right reasons.
  • Most blogs already feature web appropriate content that Google will prioritise in its rankings.
  • Blogs usually feature many links to other parts of a website, interesting articles and further reading. Google loves a connected piece of content!
  • Another Google favourite is trackbacks and pingbacks. They are the equivalent of references at the end of a chapter in a textbook, automatically notifying another blogger if you have linked to their article.
  • Finally, blogs enrich your own web of content and provide Google with the information it needs to connect you with the search terms you want to rank highly for.

4.     Blogging Makes You a Better Person

That’s the most important Benefit of Blogging.

You tend to become more organized in your work, learn to manage time & you are ready to help others. As a Blogger, have you ever given a thought on this aspect of Blogging. If not, then do spare some time & think about it. In short, you become 

  • Well organized
  • Better Time management
  • A helping hand

5.     Refine Your Writing Skills

The more you write, the better you become at it. Most professional bloggers write on a regular basis and therefore analyze and proofread their writing constantly. You may even get feedback from readers to help you become a better writer.

However, being a good writer is not a prerequisite for a successful blog. Many very high profile bloggers are self-proclaimed terrible writers, and part of their success could be attributed to their message of “If I can do it, so can you”.

6.     Build Your Professional Network

Blogging is a community-based endeavour, and networking is one reason people engage in it. Whether you are a solopreneur or blogging to market your business, building relationships will facilitate your blog’s growth.

Meanwhile, growing your online network has its own side benefits, such as gaining access to valuable software and tools, seminars, workshops, product unveilings, and other even.

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