I am a Digital Marketing freelancer and Marketing Consultant. I have worked in the digital industry for 3 years with a variety of businesses and truly understand what it takes to make your online presence work for you. I work with small and medium sized businesses as well as partnering with agencies and freelancers, so I am sure we can find a way to work together.

Let Me Help You

Let’s grow your traffic, convert your leads and turn your visitors into advocates together.


Build a following online and improve brand awareness.


Improve your SEO and attract new customers with industry blogs.


Boost new business or nurture leads with Google or Facebook ads.




Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
I have a strong understanding of each of the SEO Ranking factor and how they affect a site’s search engine performance. I work with businesses to optimise sites to ensure best performance from organic channels. Specialities include, but aren’t limited to, SEO strategy, technical audits, keyword analyses, competitor analyses, on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.


Content/inbound Marketing SEO optimisation is helped with my content/inbound marketing led approach that places good quality content on a client’s site, which continues bringing prospects into the marketing funnel long after the campaign is over. I help businesses achieve this through content consultancy, content creation, inbound marketing workflows and other techniques. I specialise in Hubspot Implimentation workflow creation, inbound marketing reporting, landing page creation and optimisation, and more.


Email Marketing It’s a well known fact that email marketing generates one the best ROIs of any digital marketing channel. I help businesses of all shapes and sizes take advantage of this by developing targeted email campaigns that generate a positive return. I specialise in building visually appealing email templates, email marketing automation, drip feed campaigns, personalisation, list segmentation and A/B testing.



Coming from a design background, I have an ability to use creativity to solve problems. I like my campaigns to be visually pleasing as well as have good content.


Coming from a design background, I have an ability to use creativity to solve problems. I like my campaigns to be visually pleasing as well as have good content.


If my clients succeed, I succeed. It’s in my best interests to help you get the best ROI possible from your investment in me. This is why my clients work with me year after year.


It requires a lot of research into a clients industry to be able to perform a successful campaign. This means I become a fanatic reader about a diverse range of subjects.


I always have meetings and coffee with clients and allow them to get to know me before they hire me, it’s always best to work with people that you like!


I’ve been working in digital marketing for 3 years. I’ve had proven results working both in-house and agency side, working with clients in the service & B2B industry.


Do you know why digital marketing is important but don’t have the time to implement it yourself? Want to improve your social media and content but are stuck for ideas and need a creative boost? Do you simply need more customers?


Digital marketing freelancer - digital Blix
Digital Marketing Digital Blix
Digital Marketing Freelancer - Digital Blix

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